Professional and fair moving

Moving is a key moment in ones life, but it tends to get stressful because of the new place. We are here to make it easier for you.

We offer professional moving of apartments, houses, offices and entire companies. Our approach is honest and fair.

You will hear the fixed and final price in advance. We work on weekends and public holidays with no extra fee.

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Our portfolio of moving services

Moving of apartments and houses

We will move you into your new apartment or house, allowing you to spend the time with your family or friends

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Moving of companies and offices

Moving of companies can be very stressful, considering the quantity of equipment they have, which is why it is advisable to let professionals do it.

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Moving of heavy items

No item is too large or heavy for us. We can move your vault, piano and other items of up to 10 tons. And that?s some heavy stuff.

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Moving abroad

We do not only specialise in our home town of Brno where we do not charge any transportation fees?

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Assembly and disassembly

Moving often entails the disassembly of large items and the subsequent assembly at the destination property.

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Cleaning and waste disposal

You do not need to worry about cleaning or waste disposal.

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News of moving

We have expanded moving services


Bourací práce bezpečně a s jistotou

Chystáte se na demoliční nebo bourací práce? Nevíte, jak na to, a už teď z toho máte těžkou hlavu? Přenechte nám starosti s demolicí, bouráním nebo výkopovými pracemi v Brně a okolí. read more Read more


We are experts in moving. Our employees focus solely on the moving of apartments, houses and companies and they are experts in the business. They are eager to show you that movers can be professionals who can do their job in a careful and responsible manner.

Fair approach

You will hear the final and fixed price in advance. It is guaranteed, i.e. no unreasonable additional will be charged. A deal is a deal, no matter what.


We are aware of the fact that moving is complicated, which is why we will adapt to your needs. We can help you move on weekends or public holidays because you have a day off and do not need to go to work. No extra charges apply.

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New approach

We want to offer you improved services and fight the stereotypes about moving. We will tell you the price in advance. We do not charge transportation within Brno city limits and we can move you on a weekend for the same price. Plus you will get a small present from us.


If we plan it, moving can take place as fast as possible. We know it is important to you and that you want it to be over. Also, we care about safety and stick to the principles of effectiveness. We enjoy moving, which is why we know how to do it fast and effectively.


We guarantee quality. It may sound unpleasant, but we are fully insured, should something unexpected happen. Your belongings are in good hands. We treat them as our own stuff.


It is good to know that:

We listen to your needs and requests. Do you need to move on a Sunday? No problem. You will pay the same amount regardless the day of the week. No additional fees are charged for weekends and public holidays.

If you move within the Brno city limits, we do not charge any transportation fee. Brno is our home town and we want to make it as smooth and fast as possible. Just like you do.

Your equipment and personal belongings are safe with us. We are fully insured so you do not have to worry about suffering financial losses. We treat your property like our own. That?s a key aspect of moving.

Special discounts apply to moving over long distances. We understand that moving to a more distant town is complicated enough already. We can arrange for moving to a foreign country, including the necessary paperwork.

When we are done, you will receive a small present from us as a token of our appreciation. Fair moving is our service to you and your satisfaction is the greatest form of reward. Professionals from our company value every satisfied client.

Every job is unique

"First of all, you will have a meeting with our technician so that you can arrange all details, including the price. The price is final, which means we will not charge anything else,allowing you to know exactly how much you will pay. And since we value your trust, this price is guaranteed."

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Our story

Our goal is to offer fast and superb moving services, in an honest and fair manner. We love our job and we believe it shows. Your satisfaction is the best reward, we call ourselves Fair moving. Because that is what we are. No lies and tricks.

Moving represents a new beginning and we want to be there with you. It will be our pleasure to move you anywhere. Although we want you to love your new place, you will look forward to our future services again because we make the process smooth, regardless of the destination.

It cannot get any easier.

Try our moving services and have nothing but the best memories of it.

We're moving head.

Honesty and no lies. That is fair moving.

Meet professional and fair moving. We eliminate stereotypes people may have when it comes to moving. Every day we prove to our clients that there are better ways to do it and that movers can be professionals, too. We are professionals who specialise in moving. We care about the result as well as the process itself.To prove we are fair we will always give you the fixed price in advance. There will not be any additional fees. Every cooperation is based on mutual trust, which is why we are honest about our pricing. We also respect your needs, be it the moving date, even weekends or public holidays (for which we do not charge any extra fees) or waste disposal or moving of large and heavy items or dismantling and reassembly of furniture. You can also rely on us when it comes to the moving of companies or offices. You will receive a small present from us, as a token of appreciationof your trust.Does it sound too good to be true? Contact us and try our services. We will prove that we do as we say. We want you to have the best of memories. We will do everything we can.

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