Assembly and disassembly

Assembly and disassembly

Do you need to move your apartment, house, office or company? Our professionals are at your service. We offer professional and fair moving for prices you will know in advance. No extra charges for weekends and public holidays, and no transportation fees within the Brno city limits. We also offer a variety of additional services. They are very affordable and make moving much easier.

Moving of heavy items

Dragging a piano four floors up? Ask us. We are here to help. Our employees are trained and they can move very heavy items of up to ten tons. We are experts in heavy or bulky items, we have seen a few. No need to worry, it can still be pretty cheap. Contact us for details.

Assembly and disassembly

No technical knowledge and skills? No problem. Our experts are here for you, if you need to dismantle and reassemble your furniture. You can focus on more productive activities or spend time with your family. Thanks to our experience and training, we will be done in no time. We can reassemble the heavy furniture where you actually want it, so no rearrangement will be necessary in your new place.

Cleaning and disposal of unwanted items

Will you leave behind a pile of garbage? Are you not sure what to do with an old fridge, monitor or TV? Let us handle it. Our partners include waste disposal dumps we can arrange waste disposal for you. You do not need to arrange for an extra disposal truck or pay for disposal. Our prices are low and guaranteed. Contact our experts and arrange the necessary details with them.

We always respect our customers' wishes. We make sure they enjoy the experience of moving into new premises. Check out the testimonials written by our clients and become one of them. You will not regret it. We do not charge any fees for weekends and public holidays. Order our fair moving and we will make sure you have the best memories of it. Everything is easier if you let professionals do it.

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