Are you already having nightmares about the big day? No need to worry.We will tell you what you need to know and help you with everything. To make it as smooth as possible, we have prepared ten key steps for easy moving.

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  1. Knowing where is the key. Are you moving from smaller premises into larger ones? Or from an apartment into a house? Packing and moving as such will depend on these factors.

  2. You know you are going to be moving, so make sure you pick the most convenient day and book our services well in advance.You will have enough time to pack and you will avoid having to pack under pressure.

  3. You know where are you going to move, and when. Now it is time to pick a moving company that will respect your needs.Do you want to move during a weekend? That should not be a problem. Do you need a low price which you will know in advance? No problem.

  4. Now you need to prepare.This would be a good opportunity to throw out some things.There are things you might want to keep and there are other things that you have amassed over the years of living there.

  5. Okay, sorting is completed, now what?How do you get rid of an old fridge or pieces of furniture?A good moving company will take care of waste disposal, so that you do not have to worry.

  6. Moving often entails dismantling and reassembly of large pieces of furniture.If you are not a great tool man and want to avoid having to do it, ask professionals.All you have to do is go from your former place into your new place, with beds and other furniture already assembled.

  7. Are you afraid of having to move heavy items? Like a piano or vault?You better have friends who are bodybuilders or you can call a professional moving company whose employees will do it for you.

  8. Decide where each of your items belongs and tell your movers so that you do not have to worry about rearranging furniture. Sounds good, right?

  9. Are you worried about having something destroyed? No stress! Professionals certainly have liability insurance.They will reimburse you for any damage.

  10. Letting a professional moving company do all the work sounds great, but what if it is expensive? It does not have to be.If you make the right choice, what you get is superb service for great prices.The agreed-upon price is fixed and there will be no surprising additional fees.

If you are still anxious about moving, contact us. We will convince you that it can be an easy endeavour with no stress and according to your wishes, and for affordable prices. Transportation within Brno is free we do not charge extra fees for holidays and weekends and we shall take care of everything, allowing you to focus on your family, friends or work.

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