Moving of companies and offices

Moving of companies and offices

Are you already having headaches because your company is moving? No wonder. Moving of a company or offices involves a great deal of planning. You really have to think things through to reduce downtime and costs. You have to consider what to do with employees and how to reschedule work. Besides, if you are a production company, you need to move machinery and equipment. How to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Fair moving P?est?huji to offers a helping hand with moving of companies and offices. Our technician will visit your company in advance to plan it. In addition to valuable advice, he will give you a detailed quotation and timeframe. This will allow you to schedule your activities and allocate the necessary budget for moving.In addition to moving itself, we can unpack and prepare everything, so that all you have to do is arrive and start working. It will minimize your downtime and losses and allow you to compensate for the time lost. If the moving of heavy furniture, vaults, machines or sensitive equipment is involved, you can rely on us. We will make sure everything is securely transported to the new premises.

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We have experience in moving heavy items of up to 10 tons. When it comes to moving of offices and companies, we can handle anything. We have full liability insurance, should something unexpected happen during transport. You are not risking anything. We can help you clean up your attic or get rid of waste or unwanted pieces of furniture or equipment you will not need at your new place. To this end, we cooperate with junkyards and dumps. Enjoy your relocation and let us worry about it. Moving is our job. All you have to do is kontaktovat.


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